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Why there was no Galilee in ancient Greece

5 octobre 2018-11:00 - 12:00

We suggest different hypothetical explanations of this fact. First: there was no mathematization of physics because of the Aristotelian principle according to which genres (notably quality and quantity) are incommunicable (Anal. Post, I, 7). Thus, sensitive qualities – and therefore physical properties – cannot be quantified. So it would be Aristotle’s fault. Second: because of philosophical criticism against sensitive knowledge. This time it would be Plato’s fault. Third hypothesis: greek scientists were not observers. Fourth: they were not experimenters. Fifth: their obsession with purely rational deduction prevented them from theorizing an actual experimental method. All these hypotheses are refuted. My suggestion: their form of rational reasoning was fundamentally dialogical. 


Date :
5 octobre 2018
Heure :
11:00 - 12:00


Universidad del pais Vasco
Universidad del pais vasco
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